SunDaze Festival

Media Application


The following guidelines are designed to streamline the check-in procedure for any and all media:

  • A Media List is required from each company/organization planning to attend and enter the event August 23rd-24th, 2019. If an updated media list is not received, there will be no entry.
  • The list must be ONLY of the employees who will be WORKING the event. Entire staff lists will not be accepted.
  • Names can be added and/or deleted throughout the festival, however only if the additions will be assisting or representing your organization in some manner.
  • Company/radio station ID badges are NOT a valid Media Pass and will not allow admission to the grounds.
  • Media passes are issued daily and are only valid for that day.
  • Your organization is responsible for the distribution of this policy information to your staff. Your organization may receive specific audio/ visual consent forms to fill out each day-these must be signed to enter.

All Media must be checked in by 6pm, sharp. No exceptions. If media would like onsite promotional space at the venue, please email:

SunDaze Media Policies

All accredited media will be notified of designated call time in advance of the event and must check in with at the “Check-In Tent”.All events are subject to individual artist media policies and any relevant restrictions which must be adhered to.

House Policy

Unless otherwise noted, the house policy will be in effect as follows:

Video/Television Cameras: Only approved media cameras are permitted to capture moving footage for television and must be broadcast within 90 days. A complete song cannot be aired, footage is for b-roll and news purposes only. The entire broadcast feature must not exceed 5 minutes in total length. The first 2 minutes of the first 3-songs OR the first 5 minutes (where applicable) of each act may be recorded, unless otherwise advised.

Print/Online Photography: Images must be published or posted online within 90 days. The first 15 minutes OR 3-songs (whichever occurs first) of each act can be photographed, unless otherwise advised.

No flash, plug-in, or special equipment is permitted for media coverage. Media escorts will station cameras at Front of House structure so as to not interfere with the patron experience and are restricted from approaching the stage; telephoto lens is recommended.

Media are not authorized to bring in banners or promotional materials unless otherwise discussed with the festival.

Additional restrictions or requirements may apply for interviews, and any footage shot in lobbies, bar etc. and must be approved by the SunDaze Camping, Music & Arts Festival. We will accept press requests until 5pm on FRIDAY, JULY 26TH You will be notified of your application’s status by 5pm on FRIDAY, AUGUST 9TH.

2019 SunDaze Media Application

General Information

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Social Media Links

Please provide us links to all of your social media channels.

Assignment Details

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Employee Name(s) / Position(s)

Please list all employees that require access to the site. Again, all employees must be checked in at the Media Check In area no later than 6pm, daily.


Additional Information

Additional Information
This media application is not a guaranteed entry. You will be notified if you are confirmed and authorized by artist management to enter as media. Media may be disapproved by artists. There is nothing that the festival can do at that point as we do have to support any and all Artist requests. Parking is not included with a media pass.

Other Inquiries
Send us an email at if you have any additional inquiries.